Daily grind

When you stay home for 6 months healing a broken foot, going back to the daily work routine feels like this.


on signs

A childhood friend made me a business proposal that involves a fair amount of writing, on the same week I decided to resume the countless unfinished stories I've left abandoned inside a gazillion unfinished notebooks. We meet up at a nice café by a park lake for the briefing and brainstorming and I tell him … Continue reading on signs

family is…

...texting your proxy-mom asking if you can have dinner at her place because you had a shitty day and don't feel like going back to an empty house to wallow in self-pity - and seeing this when you finally get there:

10 years ago

This was my very first (and insignificant) post in the blogosphere, on the now fossilized Eternal M: acontece aos melhores.... I miss the carelessness of being 22, even if I had to work 2 jobs to pay for Uni and the bills.


Twitted about The Holy Bible from the Manic Street Preachers - one of the best, most brutally raw & cathartic albums I have ever heard. Immediately gained new follower from account with Bible quotes. Should I tell them?

on vanity (II)

Decisions based on emotion aren't decisions, at all. They're instincts. Which can be of value. The rational and the irrational complement each other. Individually they're far less powerful.Binge-watch House of Cards during the weekend. Feel severely under-dressed all throughout the show. Realize how much I love to be able to look at myself in the … Continue reading on vanity (II)


I am merely a discarded wooden plank powerless to resist the crushing of steel still, I want to save you no matter if you’re dead or still barely breathing, breathing Liu Xiaobo, June Fourth Elegies Translated from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang Graywolf Press, 2012

Make a wiSh

Today is World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day and the official website invites everyone - whether you have been diagnosed or not - to make a wish related to MS.You can also take the opportunity to learn more about the disease and maybe demystify some preconceived notions - as well as understanding the real effects it has on all those who … Continue reading Make a wiSh


A organizar outro blog no WordPress totalmente dedicado aos textos do meu pai - artigos antigos em papel, textos publicados em blogs e sites alheios, excertos dos livros que publicou.Brevemente, numa blogosfera perto de si. 

oh, canada!

Canadian music: feeding my soul since 2005.Individual praises here, here and here.It may be the cold, or the boreal forest, or the openheartedness - but I'm more in tune with their words and notes than any other on this side of the Ocean.