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«Read like a butterfly, write like a bee»

  I have always wanted to write. Even before I knew how, I was already scribbling on the blank spaces of all the books lying around the house - including the Bible. The love for writing was never just about the thoughts-to-words dynamic, it was the physical side of it as well: the paper textures,… Continue reading «Read like a butterfly, write like a bee»

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Isidora & destiny

Even if our destiny is written, does that mean that we should just stop acting or do you continue doing what you think is right in the moment? Jeff Pinkner My recent binge (re)watching of Fringe has brought back one of my favourite existential questions of all time: destiny vs. free will. I was in… Continue reading Isidora & destiny

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Desde pequena que tinha a pancada de querer ter tudo registado - conversas, datas, rostos, artefactos... Pensava que bom, bom, era cada um de nós ter uma espécie de mecanismo que fosse registando tudo por escrito, qual estenógrafo interno, em forma de guião ou semelhante. Como acontece com todas as nossas ideias ultra-originais, já fizeram o… Continue reading raízes

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that’s how the light gets in

Last week I went to the photo store to develop a black & white film I had completely forgotten about. "We're sorry, but the pictures are ruined," they told me. "There must have been light coming into the film at one point, and only one photo made it. Do you still want us to print… Continue reading that’s how the light gets in

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O Pai

em·pa·ti·a (grego empátheia, -as, paixão) substantivo feminino Forma de identificação intelectual ou afectiva de um sujeito com uma pessoa, uma ideia ou uma coisa (ex.: a empatia entre os voluntários e a população local era evidente; assistimos à perfeita empatia entre piano e violino). in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa   Esta semana, a Associação… Continue reading O Pai


O mistério do número que se calhar não é meu

Aqui há uns anos comprei um cartão de telemóvel de uma rede que não era a minha habitual, e que já raramente uso. Desde esse dia que comecei a receber periodicamente SMS a avisarem-me para pagar a factura da Cabovisão (de quem não sou cliente), para levar o carro que não tenho com uma matrícula… Continue reading O mistério do número que se calhar não é meu

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‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

[For the previous chapters, check the Lady of the Sea's main page] What a useless little vermin, thought Isola to herself. That is the problem with the overly ambitious and under-intelligent: they act hastily and on impulse. 'Planning' is too big a word to fit in their tiny little skulls. Not that Peafowl knew any… Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – Jonah

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Back to basics

My first real attempts at drawing only started a little after I turned 30. Just like with photography (and those teenage oh-so-deep-and-observant writing drafts), my absolute favourite theme has always been people. Even during the age of analogue film photography, when a film roll of 36 photos would last you a year, my friends would often… Continue reading Back to basics

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Brave Delusions

Being stuck at home with a broken foot is as good an excuse as any to catch up on some movie watching and I couldn't resist the recent Florence Foster Jenkins, with the acting genius that is Meryl Streep, about the socialite, erm, singer. Known worldwide for her terrible, dissonant singing, lady Florence was an enthusiast of… Continue reading Brave Delusions

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‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Island

[For the previous chapters, check the Lady of the Sea's main page] It had an unusual shape, almost resembling a perfect circle - one that had been half-bitten off. When the tide was high, it looked like the letter C. When it was low, as it was now, it had a lovely, spacious beach. A… Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Island

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‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Messenger

[For the previous chapters, check the Lady of the Sea's main page] All the ship's crew was up and gathered around the rear. They were chattering and pointing excitedly, as if they couldn't believe their eyes. Azov walked towards them, looking very annoyed. This was no attack, or else they would all be in their… Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Messenger

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‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Cell

After having been dragged down to the Queen's dungeons, Peafowl was thrown into an empty cell by two brutes with no obvious respect for nobility. The place was dark and damp and the air smelled of something Peafowl couldn't quite name but that he was sure someone somewhere used as a potent fertilizer. "Here you… Continue reading ‘Lady of the Sea’ – The Cell